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If the asparagus are covered in land and do not receive sunlight, they stay white and tender. Instead, if they grow on the surface, they acquire a green colour and a different texture.

Here at Conservas BayMar we offer you this kind of food; particularly, white asparagus in diverse containers: glass bottle and can. All of them come in different sizes. Thanks to the quality of the raw materials – coming from Navarra in the Gourmet range and imported in the regular range – and thanks to the strict canning process controls, it is a completely safe product, ready to be enjoyed the moment you open it.


Besides, it is a reference vegetable for its large amount of properties. Do you know them?

  • Having a great amount of water makes it a very diuretic food since it eases liquid elimination.
  • It is low in calories.
  • Rich in antioxidants.
  • And since it contains a lot of fibre, it has a laxative effect that helps regulate bowel movements.